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RUGBY LEAGUE DVDS is the BIGGEST and BEST Rugby League DVD collection shared online.

My private collection of over 5,500 Rugby League games on DVD spans decades and from all corners of the World. This site is where I share my collection online with Members.

It's the ONLY Rugby League website where you can watch ALL the biggest and best games of Rugby League ever played online.

Membership £15 FOR LIFE

Members can watch over 4,500 memorable games from years gone by. More games added each month for Members to enjoy. If a game in my catalogue has a "PLAY" button next to it then it can be watched online by Members.

Members receive 33% discount on all orders

Once you have created an account then follow this link and click on the shopping cart next to the Red Star to buy a "Membership". Your Membership will be activated immediately after payment is received.


We have ALL the classics.

About RLDVDs

The aim of RLDVDS is to provide members with a service to view Rugby League DVD’s on-line or download them for later viewing. This site is open to Members and non-Members. Members are those people who have purchased a Life Membership from the Full Catalogue. Non-Members may have signed-up but unless you pay the one-time membership fee you will not be able to access the members section.Members are friends of RLDVDS and as in any friendship we will let you borrow our videos to view. Members receive a discount on any purchases. Just as if we had personally provided you with a DVD, we will not expect you to copy it. Copying our videos may be a breach of copyright and YOU will be responsible. Downloads are provided on the understanding that they are for personal use only. Downloaded videos must not be broadcast or otherwise reproduced and provided on-line. Downloaded video should be deleted from your disk after viewing. Rugby League DVD's is a private collection of mostly pre-broadcast material or purchased videos. No representation of copyright ownership is made or inferred. Members can download selected videos or clips for viewing but they should not be stored. Doing so may breach copyright laws in your country. To play a video in either section press the "Play" button alongside the video you want.

Watch online, download or order on DVD from a catalogue of over 5,500 games spanning decades and from all corners of the World. ALL the big, memorable, classic games from years gone by.


Rugby League DVD's does not condone video or music piracy

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DVD Store and Catalogue

This section is the main work horse of the site. This is where you can see a list of all videos in the collection. At time of writing nearly 4,000 videos are listed in the catalogue and more than 1000 are available for viewing online - right now!! Most of these are restricted to members, there will be enough for new visitors and non-members. But become a member and the world opens up to you. We will be adding more and more online over time.

This is also where you can order a copy of a specific game to watch offline. Click here watch the quick guide video

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Search the catalogue

RLDVD's now contains a sophisticated search capability for the entire catalogue. Powered by Priority ERP.

All videos fall into a selected category "Internationals", "British RL", "Australian RL" etc..

To view the entire category, either press the button on the left or select from DVD group in the drop down at the top of the page.

To Search, enter you search term in the Search box at the top of the list.

Note that if you're viewing a category then the search pertains only to that category.

When viewing a category the DVD Group is replaced by a Year drop down selection to further narrow your selection.

For example: In Search type Widnes and press Go.

If you're not in a DVD category already, this will display ALL videos mentioning Widnes. Obviously if yo're in Challenge Cup Finals group you will get a result of just the Challenge Cup Finals for Widnes.

You can shorten the search term so Wid will give you Widnes. But remember that Wi would give Widnes AND Wigan.

You can combine terms, for instance: enter Wid Wig and all Widnes and all Wigan videos are listed.

Note: videos will be displayed if either one of the names is found.

To look for Widnes AND Wigan games enter +Widnes +Wigan To find any video where BOTH Widnes and Wigan are mentioned.

You may find it useful to include other terms for instance, +Widnes +Wigan +Wembley will show when Widnes and Wigan played at Wembley

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Rugby League DVDs has attracted some of the biggest names in our sport


Kurt Sorensen


Martin Offiah


Frano Botica


Dale Shearer


Terry O'Connor


Tommy Martin

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